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Make a Wish

Our Signature Fine Fragrances

Our curated collection of fine fragrances is driven by Zen ideals and strives to provide a moment of inner peace to our customers. With our collection of home fragrances, we are committed to enriching both the spiritual and aesthetic lives of our customers.

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We make candles.

But not just any candles.

Our candles promote better air quality, prevent indoor fires, and even grant wishes!

Founded in 2012 by Victoria Wang, VIVAWANG® International candles are deeply rooted in Oriental culture and ceremonial rituals. Our refined fragrances bring authentic Oriental aromas into the comfort of your home.

​ VIVAWANG® International

Scents of Inner Peace

In today’s troubled times people long for peace of mind and meaningful purpose in their lives. VIVAWANG® International candles deliver fragrant blessings and mindfulness through its signature candles and wish jars. Inspired by the beauty of Asian culture and the principles of a Zen lifestyle, VIVAWANG® International is driven by a deep, intuitive understanding of the power of scent to connect with a life lived with purpose. With our superior-quality, nature-inspired fragrances, and our minimalist and Zen-like wish jar designs, our candles make it simple to practice mindfulness and find a sense of peace and harmony in your everyday life.

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