Make a Wish


Our candle jars are designed to mimic praying hands. Take a moment, breathe in deeply, reflect on your prayers, and finally make a wish with one of our candles in your hands. The round and full-bodied design of our wish jar candles conveys wholeness, spirituality, and ritual.

BaiYuLan | Fragrance | Candle
BaiYuLan | Fragrance | Candle
BaiYuLan | Fragrance | Candle


Size: 14 oz / 414 ml / 396 g

Height: 120 mm

Top diameter: 75 mm

Base diameter: 50mm


Tin lid

Patent-protected wooden wick

Clear glass container

Fine fragrances


Natural Disclosure

SDS Safety


Food-grade wax


Well-sealed metal cover

Patent-protected wooden wick

Our Fine Fragrances

Vivawang International | Candles | Fragrances | Warmers | Warmers

Hinoki  |  Breathe In

A refined scent of Taiwanese Hinoki cypress branches with frankincense, patchouli, amber, and rose hints.

Hinoki's yellow quarts color with its woody scent reminiscent of local Taiwanese Hinoki soothes your nerves, purifies your soul, and promotes good fortune and health. Hinoki's calming aroma is perfect for authentic Buddhist and Zen meditation.

Top: Olibanum | Elimi Incense | Cinnamon Bark

Heart: Hinoki | Patchouli | Frankincense | Rose

Base: Amber | Musk | Patchouli


La Temple  |  Be Blessed

Rich amber and sandalwood with smoky undertones of exotic spices and herbs. The scent mimics Buddhist shrine incense mixed with jasmine, patchouli, and sandalwood. La Temple is known as the “scent of strengthening genuine energy”. Its scent, which is based on scared religious incense, helps with focus, calms, and stabilizes the mind. La Temple represents prosperity and wealth.

Top: Tamarine | Lavandin | Marine

Heart: Jasmine | Violet Leaves

Base: Patchouli | Cardamom | Leather | Sandalwood


Aquar |  Smell the Ocean

An aqueous blend of tranquil waters and calm sea breezes with touches of magnolia, citrus and citronella aromas finished with subtle spicy notes. The aroma of Aquar represents success and wealth. It symbolizes the smooth and tranquil, blue waters of the ocean. It flows smoothly like water and expands the mind just as the ocean is constantly expanding.

Top: Lemon | Orange | Citronella

Heart: Magnolia

Base: Clove | Fir | Patchouli | Cardamom


Bai Yu Lan  |  Be Loved

Sweet magnolia blossoms intermingled with nuances of green leaves and white florals. Fresh and elegant amber and frankincense notes finished with an patchouli and sandalwood aftertaste. Bai Yu Lan's white and pure as the lotus. Its fresh and pleasant scent lifts moods and brings good fortune.

Top: Incense | Magnolia | Spices

Heart: Galbanum | Carophyllene | Oilbanum

Base: Patchouli | Sandalwood | Musk

Rose Bouquet |  Take Time 

Description here

Top: Citrus | Fresh | Green

Heart: Palmarosa | Eugenol | Floral Notes | Fruity Notes

Base: Musk | Woody Notes

White Tea |  All You Need

Description here

Top: Bergamot | Citrus

Heart: Tea | Rose | Spicy Notes

Base: Vanilla | Musk | Cedar

Dan Osmanthus |  Freshly Sliced

Description here

Top: Lemon | Bergamot | Green Leaves | Peach | Apricot

Heart: Osmanthus | Tea | Jasmine | Basil

Base: Cedar | Amber

Wormwood |  Stimulate the Mind

Description here

Top: Ozone | Bergamot | Basil | Green

Heart: Rose | Jasmine | Lily of the Valley | Hyacinth

Base: Vanilla | Cedar | Amber | Musk

The Wisdom of Light 

The Shrine Light candle warmer's top-down warming technology is designed to safely and gently release our candle's fragrance. The Wisdom of Light refers to the journey of finding self-belief and faith in light. Our signature top-down warming system represents the Wisdom of Light. It slowly creates a large layer of melted wax at the top of the candle, the it gently releases its blessed aroma. Our Shrine Light comes with a coin clip for one of our patent WishcoinsThese WishCoins embody traditional gold and silver coins that are used in temples to bring good luck and fortune.By using this method, the Shrine Light candle warmer releases a cleaner and stronger fragrance that lasts up to twice as long as a flame-lit candle.

Vivawang International | Shrine Light | Candle Warmer
Vivawang International | Moon Light | Candle Warmer

Bring peace and harmony into your home with one of our top-down pollution-reducing candle warmers


Size: 1kg / 2.2 lbs

Height: 35 cm / 13.6"

Width: 19 cm / 7.5"

Diameter: 19 cm / 7.5"


Natural Disclosure

SDS Safety