We are a diverse group of dreamers and doers working together passionately on a singular vision and mission.

Meet the Team

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President & CEO

Meet Victoria, our compassionate leader and visionary CEO. Victoria is an essential oil art perfumer with a black belt in Judo and superhuman mental arithmetic powers. She comes from a small town in Houli, Taiwan. Loves La Temple as it brings her inner peace.

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Meet Jackey, our customer specialist. Jackey is an avid outdoorsman and aspiring cook. He comes from a small town in Miaoli, Taiwan. He studied and worked in Taipei and Beijing before returning to Taichung to be part of our team. Loves La Temple because it speaks to his soul.

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Meet Tony, our Vice-President and international business guru. With over 40 years of experience and a few gray hairs, he is who we rely on to reach you, our customers. Loves Hinoki as he likes woody aromas. 

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Meet Jessica, our in-house accountant. Jessica is in charge of supervising our daily financial activities. She is an aspiring cook and a wonderful host. She comes from a small mountain town so she has a close connection to Hinoki.

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Creative Direction & Design

Meet Riaan, our brand vision designer and creative director. Riaan is a storyteller, cat-lover, and buffalo wings (South African style) specialist.

He comes from a coastal South African town and now lives in a bustling city in Taiwan. Loves Hinoki as it reminds him of forests from his hometown.


International Sales

Meet Sharon, our international salesperson. Sharon likes to travel and enjoys different views of each country. She's an amateur horticulturalist and loves sketching landscapes. Loves Bai Yu Lan as it recalls fond memories with her mom.