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Find Inner Peace with one of

Our Fragrances

Vivawang International | Fragrance | Candle | Candle Warmer | Make A Wish

We make candles.

But not just any candles. Our candles promote better air quality, prevent indoor fires, and even grant wishes!

Founded in 2012 by Victoria Wang, VIVAWANG® International candles are deeply rooted in Oriental culture and ceremonial rituals. Our refined fragrances bring authentic Oriental aromas into the comfort of your home.

​ VIVAWANG® Fragrance of memories

Our fine fragrances are not just an expression of taste, but a memory that truly reflects daily life and culture. With our refined candles, wish jars, and candle warmers we bring authentic aromas accompanied with traditional rituals of oriental culture into your home. Our signature candles conjure memories of smoky sandalwood aromas from domestic Buddhist shrines to the scent of an afternoon tea ceremony for the community elders enjoying chess in the village square.

VIVAWANG® International candles bring up fragrant memories of ceremonial carts at temple entrances displaying magnolia blossoms, of juniper released into the air by traditional woodcarvers, of a faint whiff of Osmanthus on a summer evening’s stroll along a river bustling with life. The sights and smells of oriental culture has no bounds. Experience it for yourself with our tailored collection of authentically Asian fragrances.

Image by Sage Friedman

​ VIVAWANG® Scents of Inner Peace

In today’s troubled times people long for peace of mind and meaningful purpose in their lives. VIVAWANG® International candles deliver fragrant blessings and mindfulness through its signature candles and wish jars. Inspired by the beauty of Asian culture and the principles of a Zen lifestyle, VIVAWANG® International is driven by a deep, intuitive understanding of the power of scent to connect with a life lived with purpose. With our superior-quality, nature-inspired fragrances, and our minimalist and Zen-like wish jar designs, our candles make it simple to practice mindfulness and find a sense of peace and harmony in your everyday life.

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